See Guidebook: Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM allows remote employees – such as sales representatives, service staff, and support teams – to access customer data and interact with clients while they’re on the road. Mobile CRM solutions work on mobile phones, Blackberry devices, iPhone/iPad’s, and mobile PC’s.

There are a range of options available when teamed up with fast 3G data services and security systems like VPN’s.

A 2011 survey by the Yankee Group “Anywhere Enterprise–Large: U.S. Mobility and Applications Survey” summarised the benefits for sales people as follows:

* Increased field selling time: 28 percent

* Eliminated redundant activities: 27 percent

* Increased win rates: 26 percent

* Reduced sales calls costs: 25 percent

* Increased forecast accuracy: 25 percent

* Decreased administrative time: 24 percent

* Decreased sales cycle: 23 percent


The end result of the use of mobile apps is to improve productivity. Sales reps spend less time on administrative tasks and more face time with existing and prospective customers, while companies spend less money on printed sales materials, mailing and delivery costs and antiquated, paper-based record-keeping processes.

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