Salesforce to Acquire Radian6

Seems that Salesforce has moved into the Social Media monitoring market in a big way. They have invested US$326 in Radian6 – a platform captured hundreds of millions of conversations every day from many different social networks to provide some actionable intelligence for these organisations.

Radian6′s products include:

  • A monitoring platform designed to help companies track and analyse their social media efforts
  • An engagement platform to help companies connect with individuals and communities online

These products help organisations improve sales, support, have better perspective on their brands and gain intelligence on their competitors’ brands.

This is a fledgeling market with no clear winners as yet, as was clear in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social CRM.

There is some debate about why, but the most likely is that it beefs up the Marketing features that delivers itself. Its strengths in the sales functions are stronger than those in marketing – although marketing automation platforms from Eloqua, Maketo and Aprimo play well.

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