How important is CRM Lead Generation & Lead Scoring

How important is Lead Generation to your Business? A high priority of THE TOP PRIORITY?

Does Lead Scoring Help?

A recent Marketing Sherpa report throws some light on these questions. In terms of Lead Generation, 3 of the top 4 “B2B Marketing Challenges” were related to Lead Generation.

Lead Generation Importance









The thing to note is that of the seven highest areas, only two were unrelated to lead generation and marketing to companies in the sales funnel. The CRM as the repository of the sales funnel, therefore has a critical role to play in helping with these challenges. To summarise the graphic, the focus is:

  • Generating High Quality Leads
  • Generating a high volume of Leads
  • Lead Generation across multiple content channels
  • Marketing to a lead already in the sales pipe and helping to nurture
  • Marketing to a prospect/lead and ALL the decision makers and influencers

While this happening, budgets are getting squeezed, so its important that your activities generate a return or ROI. Good news is that Marketing Sherpa have looked at this and have some good news on Lead Scoring.

Lead Scoring is important

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Great news if you do lead scoring, you get a 138% return, bad news is that 79% of B2B marketers are not lead scoring.

Next Steps:

Start working on Lead Scoring – this involves Sales and Marketing getting in a room together and nutting out some key issues. More here for Tips on Lead Scoring.

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