BI in Mid-market

IBM have released a report looking at trends in the mid market.

The summary video is here and a link to the report below.

Paper Link to Global Report. Local reports will be coming out.

BI trends for CRM

Business Intelligence or BI is a hotbed for activity in the CRM market at the moment. The key drivers have been market consolidation and a series of new trends.

There have been major rounds of consolidation:

  • SAP buys Business Objects/Crystal Reports,
  • IBM buys SPSS and Cognos,
  • Oracle buys Hyperion

The major standalone vendors is SAS. The CRM vendors have been busily buying into BI vendors to both gather market share and to use the installed base as a wedge into the competitor market s-hare. eg Oracle can attack the SAP base with Hyperion and vice-versa. In addition, most of these tools were vendor agnostic – so they play well on competitor platforms

As for trends, the key ones are:

  1. BI on demand – cloud-based scalable capacity
  2. In memory tools and data
  3. Reporting and dashboards
  4. Analysis and prediction tools
  5. Enterprise Management

ERP and CRM systems are essentially ‘systems of record’. The BI tool-sets essentially can take their data and use them for decision making and action, but today this does not happen in real-time at the pace that the market needs. Hence why BI on-demand is important, as is ‘in memory’ BI – both promise faster results in real-time to the range of ‘what-if’ questions that get asked of managers.

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Mobile Applications – huge growth expected for Business

IBM have peered into the looking glass and identified that there is huge focus on Mobile applications.

After surveying 2,000 information-technology professionals in 87 countries, IBM found that more than half believe that within the next five years, more developers will be working on mobile applications and cloud-based architecture than traditional computing platforms for enterprise.

The full Wall Street Journal blog article.

This is not surprising, another report 2010 from Aberdeen Group looking ERP in SME identified Mobile access to corporate data as a competitive advantage:

The top 20% (of ERP installations) by aggregate performance scores also enjoy an 80% advantage in having access to ERP with mobile devices.

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